Can I Show You How ClickFunnels Has Worked For Me, My Business, My Clients & Thousands of Other People Just Like You?

And How We Have Learned Unique Marketing Strategies That Have Helped Us 
Launch Our Online Projects & Ventures Using The ClickFunnels Software.

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I know it's probably a long shot. 

I want you to STOP what you are doing (how selfish of me). STOP and give me ten minutes or so. 

This information will help you, if you are:
  • ​In Business (selling physical goods, digital products..)
  • ​Working With Clients (e-com owners, coaches...)
  • ​Trying Affiliate Marketing...
  • ​Just Curious...
  • ​Looking For Some Awesome ClickFunnels Bonuses...
On this page I am talking about ClickFunnels.

You May Have Heard About It?

You might even be a paying subscriber? 
  • Click Funnels is a very powerful Website Builder 
  • ​Backed up by amazing Training and Support
  • ​It Allows You To Create "Funnels" (like this page)
  • ​Funnels help you generate more leads and sales.
  • ​Every business needs leads and sales right?
I have been using ClickFunnels to design and launch mini websites and funnels (like this page) for myself and my clients since around 2016.

Over this time I have worked on thousands of projects involving the ClickFunnels software and have always found that a funnel built in ClickFunnels will always outperform a standalone, traditional website. 
You might think that is crazy right now, but by the time you have finished reading this page you will most likely think differently...
So, you might be thinking "how does a website builder with a bit of training built in" take someone on a journey? 
Well, it's like this: 

Back in 2014 / 15 I had a Wordpress Hosting service with lots of sites I had designed for "clients" and friends (you know how that turns out)... 

One day amongst all the stress of managing the sites the server fried - dead, backup failed... 

A bunch of folks crying on the phone that their website was down.. 

I was crying trying to fix it, nothing could be done and that was the end of that! 

I needed: 

a) to fix the clients sites fast
b) to replace my own sites 

Around this time I was also delving into the world of Affiliate Marketing, I was aware of ClickFunnels as they were always recruiting new affiliates and doing live webinars, there was a buzz around ClickFunnels... 

It was really simple, I couldn't stomach paying £297 a month for more software when I had all the wordpress sites and servers (and headaches) going on... But it was different now. 

One thing I loved was the concept of the order bump, and one time offers. These were the mainstay of Affiliate Marketing Launches on sites like JV Zoo and Click Bank, now it seemed ClickFunnels had made it possible for anyone to have these features on their website.

Over time we have proven how vital upsell are with uplift over 540% in some cases. 

Imagine if you could boost your order value by 500% or more, you would be listening? 

My ClickFunnels Journey had begun!
As with any journey there have been ups and downs. 

There have been dead ends.

But there have been lots of successes! 

I am not going to "be that guru" and try to convince you that ClickFunnels is some magic wand that will make you rich overnight because it wont (although it has done for some).

Just like anything it still requires work, commitment and energy. 

And just like most things, the more you put in the more you get out!! 
Here Are Some Of The Highlights!

Using ClickFunnels is not just about having a software, it is much more than that... 

Check out some of the main benefits below:
Acquiring New Customers in Any Niche:

With ClickFunnels, I have learned exactly how to acquire new customers in any niche. 

The platform offers a variety of tools and strategies to help you target your ideal audience and convert them into paying customers. 

Whether you're in ecommerce, education, or any other industry, ClickFunnels can help you acquire new customers and grow your business.
The learning provided by ClickFunnels is second to none!

It's kinda like the road map for your journey has been given to you from the start. 

But it does not show every step.

Information alone won't build you a business!

You need to understand the strategy too!
Best Internet Marketing Strategies:

Not only have I learned how to acquire new customers, but I've also learned the best internet marketing strategies. 

And this is where Click Funnels comes into it's own.

You know when you just have a website or even a sale page on Facebook? 

Well you can only ever make the amount of money you are asking for on that ad (or product description) right? 

But with ClickFunnels I've discovered how to build effective upsells which is a key part of the strategy. 

Upsells mean you can increase the value of every sale AND that means you can afford to pay for advertising. 

This strategy alone has been invaluable in helping me grow my business and is just the tip of the iceberg. 

If you plan to sell anything online the ClickFunnels strategy (or way of doing things) will likely beat your existing approach, hands down. 
Best Internet Marketing Strategies:

Not only have I learned how to increase the average order value using upsells in my offers, 

I've also learned the best internet marketing strategies for advertising, webinars, course creation, client acquisition and more. 

You might be thinking it sounds complicated but this is my point. 

Everything is right there for you from training to guidance, even down to the "cook book" which shows exactly what pages you need to succeed (and what you are probably wasting time on)...
Networking and Connections:

ClickFunnels has an amazing community of like minded people who want to see you succeed. 

Just like I want to see you succeed! 

By surrounding yourself with these people, even on social media, you will see a difference in your online (and offline) business efforts. 

I have also had the opportunity to attend the annual "Funnel Hacking Live" event in America (on a couple of occasions), where I was able to meet and network with other entrepreneurs and build some great connections. 

I have also travelled the world meeting and helping other people who use ClickFunnels in their business - 37 flights in 2017 alone!

All thanks to ClickFunnels. 
Funnel Hackers Everywhere!

ClickFunnels has provided me with the freedom and flexibility to travel and make a positive impact on others and meet some truly amazing people!
I even spent a week in Jamaica with Les Brown!
Using ClickFunnels in My Own Business

I have used ClickFunnels in my own business, clients businesses and for all sorts of crazy projects, including using it to grow my niche fishing business to over £2.4m in sales. 

Additionally, I have been able to build a bunch of websites, blogs, channels, and more. The platform is extremely versatile and can be used for any idea you can think of.
Here are some of the many examples of the websites / funnels I have built using ClickFunnels.. 

Learning Affiliate Marketing:

Generating Affiliate Commissions
One of the greatest benefits I have gotten from using ClickFunnels is the ability to generate affiliate commissions. 

By recommending ClickFunnels to others, I have been able to generate thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions, making it one of the top affiliate programs in the world.

If I can do it so can you.

This is a great way to earn extra income while also helping others grow their businesses.
I know it's probably a long shot. 

I want you to STOP what you are doing (how selfish of me). STOP and give me ten minutes or so. 
37 Flights In One Year!

One of the biggest perks of using ClickFunnels has been the ability to travel the world. In 2017 alone, I took 37 flights, meeting up with and helping people build their business using funnels. 

Growing up in a deprived area of the UK I never thought I would visit America, Jamaica, even Scotland... But since using ClickFunnels...
Helping Others in the ClickFunnels Community:

I have made it a priority to give back to the ClickFunnels community as much as possible. I've helped loads of people within the community, sharing my knowledge and experience to help others achieve success.

Being part of the ClickFunnels community also means being a part of the funnel hacking community, taking part in challenges, events, and training. 

With access to resources like Funnel Flix, where you can learn from successful minds like Tony Robbins, and the guidance and inspiration from Russell and his team, you'll have all the tools you need to build a better life and business.
The Most Important:

Using ClickFunnels has allowed me to build my business around my (fast growing) Family! 

You can even see our latest arrival wearing some awesome Funnel Swag - A future Funnel Hacker in the making!! 
But Look! 

It's not about me.

It's about you right now!

I want you to have success in business.

I want you to be able to live your life without financial stress!

Imagine if you could do just one of the things I have mentioned and make some money, build a business and meet people who want to help you be successful?

I need another few minutes... 
I know it's probably a long shot. 

But ordinary people like US have made £$£$ in the millions.

People from all over the world.

Sometimes you see this kind of thing and think "scam".

I am proof that this is for real.

And so are the other thousands of Funnel Hackers who use ClickFunnels each day to grow their businesses online!
  • You can start now
  • ​You don't need to spend money to start 
  • ​There are books and resources you can have for free
  • ​AND, I want to help you get started so much I have prepared a bunch of extras that you can HAVE right now!
Are you ready to start YOUR CLICKFUNNELS JOURNEY?
And look, there is never a "right time" to start something new.

But there is also never a BETTER time.

ClickFunnels has evolved. 

Artificial Intelligence means you can build a business unlike ever before. 

Infact we have created a bunch of products (without any prior knowledge) this year alone and are selling them with ClickFunnels. 

So even if you don't have an idea or any experience there is a chance you can make something work!

Or if you are in business already, a chance you can explode your efforts into massive success.

Or you could do nothing? 

Here's What You Could Get TODAY!
As well as all of the training, the people, the software, the books, and opportunities I have mentioned, you  will also get the following extras from me when you sign up for ClickFunnels today!
Not only will I give you time on the phone to get you started I will lift the lid on case studies, training, courses, funnels AND even some of the amazing stuff we are doing with A.I. as soon as you sign up and get started as ClickFunnel's newest member. 
It is also important to note that ClickFunnels will pay me affiliate commission from any successful sign ups (that's how I can afford to give you all of this stuff for free) and the cool thing is I will even show you how to do the same so you can make money just by promoting ClickFunnels or one of the other gazillion Affiliate products available online....

Ready to sign up? You can check everything out before you do, just click this button, enter some basic info and follow the instructions on the next page....
P.S. Artificial Intelligence is now built into CF2.0 - check out the video demo on the next page when you sign up!

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